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Carolina Counseling Services contracts with independent professional qualified counselors/therapists that can provide a friendly, safe and relaxed atmosphere to all our clients. Carolina Counseling Services independently contracted therapists assist individuals, couples, families and children with counseling services that will help put your life back on track. These counseling services are also designed to assist active duty and retired military and their families.

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Should I talk to friends or family about my problems instead of a Counselor? Will they take sides? Do they have my best interest in mind..or the other person's... or their own? Will they tell other people about what I told them and start other problems? Do they have tools needed to even help me?

Friends and family may mean well, but sometimes things get even more complicated when you involve them. Sometimes it is best to resolve issues within yourself or with someone else (or even with your child), by letting an unbiased professional help. We are here for you when you make that decision. Let that decision be TODAY! Call Now! 910-485-6336

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Don't Let these 4 Things Keep You from Getting the Help You Need



The National Institute of Mental Institute reveals that more than a quarter of American adults are suffering from depression, anxiety or another psychological/behavioral problems. Others are experiencing serious emotional issues while some are struggling with relationship conflict, grief over the death of a loved one, substance abuse or other debilitating issues.

Everyone has a story of pain, fear, sadness, or rejection. All of us want relief, a change, control, or treatment. But, you can’t just snap out of what’s draining your energy, hope, and enthusiasm. YOU NEED HELP! It takes courage to admit you need help and it can be frightening to seek help. If you want to feel better you have to take some actions. You can’t be as stubborn as your condition. Recovery takes time and it’s far from impossible if you don’t eliminate all these four negative things that are keeping you from getting the help you need.

Old Habits: They are familiar bedfellows that are not really serving your best interests. Practices, ideas, and even people can sometimes become blocks to the change you desire for yourself. Leaving your comfort zone and letting go of long-standing situations, thinking patterns and relationships can be scary, radical and painful. This movement is just one process to recovery. You can do it better with a counselor or therapist.

Negativity: A pessimistic mind frame puts everything on negative spin. Depression has a way of seeing things in a less than perfect structure, inclining you to be hard on yourself when you fail to meet the standard. Optimism will not just dawn on you; you need a trained professional to help you do that.

Social Perception: Seeing a therapist or getting counseling is sometimes perceived to be negative; it used to carry much more of a stigma than it does now. More people than you know currently go, or have been to therapy! Society has recognized that it is beneficial for people struggling with negative emotions and thoughts to seek professional help. PLUS: remember that there is no requirement for you to tell anyone that you ARE going to therapy. Do it for YOU, not for what others might or might not think of you.

Relationships: While immediate help and support can be obtained from family and friends, they can also misjudge you. They can possibly be contributing to your current depressive disorder. Someone outside your circle of family and friends who professionally understands your negative thoughts and feelings can help you. Take responsibility for your life and look for professional help.

Help Beyond the Barriers

In today’s world, it’s easy to feel lost or empty amidst an environment that emphasizes superficiality and gives value to anything that provides immediate gratification. Many still search for honesty and intimacy, and sometimes it can be too frustrating. Life becomes dissatisfying, problematic and stressful. Short-term advice may sometimes be enough to regain the course. But, in some cases, it requires more than minor adjustments and behavioral changes.

Psychotherapy can help you navigate all these problems. A therapist can work with you to achieve a transformative experience for resolution of issues and creating a more positive perspective in life.

Help from the Right Source

When you find yourself at a juncture where you need help, Carolina Counseling Services is ready to provide you a supportive environment for effective treatment. Carolina Counseling Services has many objective and non-judgmental counselors who can help. By the time the sessions are complete, you’ll emerge from CCS, not only with problems solved, but equipped with life skills to help you manage future challenges. Call, text, or send an   e-mail to CCS to request an appointment

Carolina Counseling Services

Confidential / Private Sessions

Carolina Counseling Services contracts independently with Licensed professional counselors/therapists/psychologists who provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to everyone. Carolina Counseling Services independently contracted therapists assist individuals, couples, families, and children with counseling services that will help put your life back on track. Working with both non military and military is a joy and the therapist you choose will be happy to assist you whether you are a "civilian", or if you are a dependent or retiree.

Counseling and Therapy are often used interchangeably in our English language. The same is true for Counselor and Therapist. It really doesn't matter which word you use. When you need help, it is best to talk to someone who is not only objective, but who has had lots of experience helping others who have been in similar situations as yourself. A friendly Counselor or Therapist who is trained, licensed and experienced is the one who can assist the most. You don't have to figure it out alone. All independently contracted therapists are licensed, friendly professionals. Call to schedule your appt now!

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Can Happiness/Contentment Improve your Physical Health?



Defining happiness is as difficult as the search for it. Happiness is highly sought after by many! Almost always, the feeling of happiness is associated with better health. Studies show that positive outlook resulting from happiness and contentment can effectively help improve your physical health. It appears then that happiness/contentment can directly affect your body positively.

Happiness Affects Your Physical Well-Being

• When you’re in good spirits, there is higher tendency to engage in healthier habits like eating better, exercising regularly, and getting the right amount of sleep. The happier you are, the healthier you become because of your optimism to take care of yourself. For example, when faced with a health crisis, you may exhibit willingness to participate in treatments to recover quickly.

• A deep sense of happiness/contentment can increase your immune system to function more efficiently, and help the body develop stronger antiviral and antibody responses. Possessing positive thoughts lowers your chances of contracting life-threatening diseases.

• Thinking and feeling optimistic sends biochemical reactions through the body, producing endorphins that trigger happy moods. Being happy is a contagious condition that influences others to be happy too.

The benefits of being happy and contented are clearly written on the stone. But, how do you achieve long-term happiness? What are the secrets to a happy life? Can you learn to be happier? Can you learn to more content?

Achieving Happiness with Help from the Experts

Contentment can be a natural state for anyone. Know, however, that it does not just fall on your lap; it’s primarily the result of your life choices, to include your choice of perspective. There is no magical formula to attain happiness in life, but there are ways to discover what can essentially create and sustain your happiness and contentment.

Get started with Carolina Counseling Services. If you need to know how to achieve vibrant well-being why not learn from the professionals? We have a team of caring and objective therapists who will not only journey with you through productive psychotherapy and counseling, they will also teach you a few new skills and techniques to become your “happy best”. Whether you want to rid yourself of self-doubt, conquer depression and fear, overcome grief, recover from a failed relationship, or simply want to be a contented, joyful person, Carolina Counseling Services can guide you to a successful personal transformation.

You can either make a phone call or send message via text or email to schedule an appointment. Contact Carolina Counseling Services now to enjoy healthy body, mind and spirit. This is your first step to find authentic contentment to embrace and accompany you down the road of life.

When Symptoms Cross the Line into Anxiety Disorder



Feeling afraid, wary, or worried is biologically normal in an emergency or stressful situation. However, if you are frequently and strongly anxious when there is no logical reason, you may have an emotional condition called an anxiety disorder.

If your anxiety is accompanied by intrusive negative thoughts to which your brain and body react in unhealthy ways, pay attention. To prevent it from getting worse and further harming your health, relationships, and work/studies, seek help from a professional promptly.

Anxiety: What Is It?

Mental Health America defines anxiety disorders as “illnesses that cause people to feel frightened, distressed and uneasy for no apparent reason.” It is the same emotion that you feel when apprehensive or afraid, but it becomes overwhelming and out of control, radically diminishing productivity and impacting the quality of your life.

NHMI identifies several types of anxiety, including “generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder.”

• Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) “is not specific to any one thing but can be about anything and everything.”

• Panic disorder involves panic attacks: sudden crushing feelings of discomfort, dread, or alarm that may make you fear you are having a heart attack.

• Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is the fear of social situations and being with or watched by people.

• Other forms of anxiety include specific phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and separation anxiety disorder.

When to Worry about Anxiety

While feeling anxious occasionally is normal, the symptoms of an anxiety disorder can be very intense, dramatically affecting your day-to-day life. Mild anxiety can be unsettling, but worse cases can be extremely incapacitating. Thus, it is best to seek professional help as soon as you suspect you have the condition.

Knowing the symptoms of anxiety disorder can be helpful, but it isn’t always easy to distinguish from normal reactions. The signs and symptoms can come in many guises and forms. The key is to seek help from an expert as early as possible.

Stay Positive with the Right Help

When you are feeling down, it is normal to run to family and friends, people whom you know genuinely care for you. There is nothing wrong there, but know that they may not be able to provide you with the right help to get over the condition. With the right professional care, anxiety can be treatable.

Call Carolina Counseling Services in Fayetteville, NC, when you suspect your anxiety has crossed the line from normal into a disorder. Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse: call now to get prompt help.

Shielding Your Marriage from Divorce



Most people do not have qualms about getting an insurance to protect their assets and other valuables. When it comes to marriage, however, many couples are not as vigilant in guarding their union from things that can break it apart. Instead, divorce is sometimes considered a more convenient option than saving a marriage.

Ending a marriage through the process of divorce is a painful experience. What couple gets married and expects to divorce in the end? In fact, in the new Clark Poll of Emerging Adults, the results reveal that 86 percent of the more than 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 29 years old expect their marriages to last a lifetime.

The Ugly Truth about Divorce

Unfortunately, many marriages are eventually terminated by divorce for a wide variety of reasons. Each divorce has unique underlying causes. The deep hurts and ramifications of divorce can radiate not only into the lives of the couple but also of those involved for many years to come. The ripple effect may seem silent, but like a tsunami, it can be ravaging to so many lives. The couple’s children will be scarred for life regardless of efforts to shield and protect them. Families and friends are compelled to choose sides. Even the best divorce agreements can render both parties impoverished.

Of course, there are cases that justify a divorce. Spouses who suffer from abuse are better off to leave their marriage for their protection. While it seems divorce is a healthier option, it remains an unfortunate fact that all parties lose something after terminating their marriage in divorce. Even if divorce is warranted, often its negative consequences can reverberate for years. So what does it take to shield your marriage from divorce?

Marriage is not only about Love

Like any other commitment, marriage takes conscious effort to preserve and protect it from things that can destroy it apart. While love is an important element that can get you on the road to a healthy marriage, there is more to love than that. It takes emotional and life skills to build a strong foundation for a marriage to last. Since not all married couples have these skills, it is not surprising why many marriages, even those based on love, continue to struggle and eventually fall apart.

Many couples believe that being a couple does not have to be learned because it just comes naturally. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is the reason why average couples wait for six years of being unhappy before seeking intervention for their marital problem. It is too long a period for resentment to build up, whereas there are effective ways to resolve and fix differences. The earlier you acquire the tools vital to maintain a relationship, the better.

Before Deciding to Get a Divorce

Leaving a marriage is a very important decision that must be made carefully. It is easy to think of divorce as the only way to find happiness again. As you contemplate on getting a divorce, you picture a life free from that person who has been hanging around your neck like a millstone, holding you back from achieving a better life you longed for.

Divorce is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly. If your marriage is on the rocks, you may think that divorce is the best decision you could make at the time. When there is so much accumulated hurts, disappointments, conflicts and unresolved issues stemming from lack of forgiveness and reconciliation, divorce may seem to be the solution. It is, however, crucial to address such negative feelings early on. Developing effective ways of communicating, negotiating and compromising can help your relationship become healthy, strong, and able to withstand the inevitable stressors that may challenge your marriage.

It is reasonable and understandable if you will want to discuss your situation with people you trust, including family and good friends. When you do, it is expected they will naturally be on your side. The more you spill the beans about your allegations and complaints, they more your loved ones are inclined to become biased and the more they will object to your spouse’s presence in your life. If you must confide, it is wise to resolve issues with a third wheel who is not only judgmental, but one who can be more trustworthy to keep all your private information safe and confidential

Seeking a Better Alternative: Marriage Counseling

If you are struggling with an unpleasant and embattled marriage, and contemplating divorce, it is important to consider the many ways this decision will affect you and many others. Divorce may seem to the simplest answer to your struggles at the moment, but the unimaginable consequences can leave you blemished for many years ahead. Marriage counseling may very well be a better alternative than divorce if you want to proactively strengthen your marriage through the years.

Seeing a marriage counselor is not an easy decision either, especially if you are on the brink of getting a divorce. For some, going to marriage counseling is almost an admission of defeat in a marriage. Of course, this is far from the truth if you are figuring out how to save your marriage. Marriage therapy is something any committed relationship can make as a regular activity because marriage issues need to be worked on consistently for the union to thrive. The hard work of repairing and restoring a troubled marriage is all worth it - against the sad cost of divorce.

One determining factor on the effectiveness of marriage counseling is the level of motivation in both partners. Some couples consider marriage counseling as divorce counseling because they have already thrown in the towel. Others simply cannot manage how to choose the right fit therapist. If your partner is reluctant to go to therapy, your relationship can still benefit even if you go alone. Being responsible for your own part in the situation and confronting the issues will definitely make you a better spouse. As a result, your effort may have a direct impact on your partner’s behavior.

Shielding Your Marriage with Counseling

If you wait too long to get help, the odds may be against you. You may feel it is already too late and counseling may not help, but getting one is the only way to know. If you are thinking about divorce, seeking marriage counseling will shield your relationship and protect you from future regrets. An experienced marriage counselor can help you come to terms with whether or not to divorce.

Before calling a divorce lawyer, spending your savings in legal fees, traumatizing your children, and leaving the family home, you may consider investing in marriage counseling. Carolina Counseling Services – Fayetteville, NC offers a “neutral territory” where an independently contracted right fit counselor awaits to work with you through the tough issues plaguing your marriage. With marriage counseling, you can make a renewed commitment to rebuild your marriage and make it an enduring one. Call now to request an appointment.

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An Enduring Marriage: Dreaming the Possible Dream with Counseling

married couple outside


There can be many roadblocks strewn along the pathway of a happy marriage. Not every couple, even when bound by love, can manage to survive the numerous challenges through the years. Thus, couples staying together, until their hairs turn grey and their skins become wrinkled, are most-admired, particularly by other couples who understand what it means to work on a marriage. If you are dreaming of having a happy, enduring marriage, know that it is a dream you can attain with a little help from the experts.

“Love Flies Out of the Window…”

There is no doubt that love is important to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work with your spouse. But love can’t be the only ingredient to happily bind you together until your twilight years. Once your marriage is rocked by financial, parenting, health and other domestic, day-to-day concerns, your love for each other may not survive the onslaught. To prevent that from happening, patience, respect, selflessness and hard work are as important. Since conflicts are normal in any relationship, finding ways to resolve critical differences and misunderstanding is imperative.

Marriage Isn’t a Flat Plain

Realistically, every marriage needs to be worked on for it to endure the years. It is not like a flat land that’s without peaks and valleys. Even if you think your union is made in heaven, there will be highs and lows during the long years together. One or both of you may succumb to the stressors affecting you at home or in the workplace, so that symptoms of depression or anxiety may further stress your marriage and your family. If you’ll let indifference or pride stop you from talking, your marriage may not survive. If the love that binds you is strong, get past these challenges by admitting you need help.

"Go the Extra Mile"

Your love for each other can give you the drive to go the extra mile. If you are both dreaming of an enduring marriage, find the counselor to help resolve your differences and to smoothen the ruffled edges of your relationship. The early phase may not be easy, but if you are committed to rebuild your marriage and with guidance from a counselor independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services in Fayetteville, NC, your extra mile will pay off.

If you’ll check the location in the map below or use your GPS, the Fayetteville office is just a few miles away from Spring Lake, NC. With the help of an expert from Carolina Counseling Services, you can have not only an enduring marriage, but many happy years together. “Go the extra mile;” do the first step – call now to request an appointment.

Proactively Strengthening Marriage through the Years

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The dream of a happy, rewarding life with your most loved man or woman “till death do you part” is possible, but it will not be easy. Couples in the United States have an “approximately fifty percent chance of divorcing” (American Psychological Association). It takes more than hard work, patience, and love to have a resilient and lasting marriage.

Here is the great news: counseling can help committed couples make their "I do" endure for a lifetime. If you are willing to do what it takes to make your marriage resilient and happy, take matters seriously and seek the help of an unbiased counselor.

All Couples Are Vulnerable

There is nothing in this world that can guarantee you will have an easy time as a couple. Even if you have known each other for a long time or you are friends first and a couple second, your relationship will not be spared from conflict. Since you are two different people, having conflicts is normal, and that makes your relationship vulnerable. If you believe that it is fine to have those conflicts without resolving them, your relationship may start heading downhill.

Unresolved conflict can contribute to your marital issues and put stress on your family. Why bear the brunt of those conflicts and feel miserable when you can proactively address your concerns with the help of a non-judgmental marriage counselor?

Couples Counseling Is for All Couples!

Many couples try to make their relationships work without help. Marriage counseling is normally sought only when the union has reached the stage of crisis or when divorce is being considered as an option. If this is how you think, you need to change that conventional philosophy. Seeing a counselor does not mean you are heading for divorce. Rather, you seek counseling because that (divorce) is exactly what you want to prevent from happening.

Couples counseling can help resolve issues that you are unable to resolve on your own and is very helpful for couples whose relationships are fraught with conflict. In short, marriage counseling is for every couple who wishes to stay committed to an enduring enjoyable marriage.

Good Reasons to See a Counselor

According to Traci Maynigo, MEd, a New York City psychotherapist, it is a great idea to see a marriage counselor when:

  • Either or both of you are undergoing a big life transition or a tough time—demise of a loved one, a stressful job or business, family issues, financial trouble, etc.
  • You have unresolved issues that keep you arguing again and again.
  • You have stopped talking, or your verbal exchanges are not getting through or just causing more conflict.

In addition, you may want to resolve your marital issues with a counselor when:

  • Your conflicts are causing you (or your spouse) distress, or contributing to negative emotional conditions (such as anxiety or depression) or a physical ailment.
  • Your conflicts are affecting your children so that they are developing emotional issues as well.

For positive couples, counseling is a proactive strategy when:

  • You want to learn how to manage your conflicts and stay positive in the way you handle your arguments and differences.
  • You want to preserve your love for each other and make your relationship resilient and enduring.

The Emphasis of Couples Counseling

According to psychologist John Gottman, PhD, “The average couple waits 6 years before seeking help for relationship problems. (And keep in mind, half of all marriages that end do so in the first 7 years.) This means the average couple lives with unhappiness for far too long.” A proactive stance is positive; if you value your marriage and your family, seeking counseling early is realistic and makes good sense.

A marriage counselor independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services (CCS) in Fayetteville, NC, can help you build a resilient and enduring marriage, while helping you resolve the conflict that may be resulting in symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. With the right independently contracted counselor from CCS, you can work on your marriage to minimize your conflict and its intensity by communicating in a positive, effective way. Regardless of your concerns, a safe and neutral venue can encourage you to express your thoughts.

Worried about money? Don’t be! If you have insurance, know that most insurance companies cover family therapy. Focus on your goals. An expert counselor contracted with CCS in Fayetteville can help you make your dream of an enduring marriage come true. To embark on strengthening your lifelong commitment, call CCS now to make an appointment and meet the counselor who will guide you through.

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Reclaim Your Happiness: Bouncing Back from Depression

woman alone at the beach


The first hallmark of depression is intense sadness for over two weeks. It isn’t an ordinary feeling of the blues. It isn’t the kind that you can snap out of without treatment or help from a professional. It grips you stubbornly and persistently, and interferes with your daily life. It can make you lose your drive and motivation to do everyday tasks and to pursue your big dreams in life. It can hurt your relationships. It can make you feel hopeless.

Feeling better and reclaiming your life may not be easy, but it is possible. Depression and its symptoms can be treated with the help of an experienced and trained professional. It may take time to bounce back, but you can get there with positive decisions and steps.

Facts to Know about Depression

  • • It is an emotional condition. In psychiatry/psychology, it is called “clinical depression” or “depressive disorder.” According to the National Mental Health Institute (NMHI), there are several possible contributors to depression, “including genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.” It can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race/ethnicity, social stature, etc. It can make you feel extremely sad, but it goes beyond sadness. Its symptoms can be so severe they interfere with your daily functioning.
  • • It is treatable and so are the symptoms. Depression can make you feel hopeless, but with treatment, you can recover. However, waiting for the symptoms to dissipate on their own may only prolong your misery. This has nothing to do with flawed character or weak willpower; you need help from a professional who will assess your symptoms and determine the best form of treatment to help you feel good and functional.
  • • It affects individuals in different ways. There are certain symptoms that are common among depressed people, but you may not express every symptom that others experience. The frequency, intensity, and duration of symptoms can vary between individuals. This makes it more difficult to spot depression, especially in children, which is why it is important that you consult a therapist.

The First Step: Seeking Help Early

If you are experiencing the symptoms of depression, there is no need to wait. Take action. The first step is to call Carolina Counseling Services in Fayetteville, NC. Talking to a therapist is a positive, small step that can help committing to treatment feel easier for you.

Support from loved ones is important, but you need your condition treated by a professional. The therapists independently contracted with Carolina Counseling Services in Fayetteville, NC, can help you feel better and do what it takes to bounce back from depression.